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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Store Your N+1 Bike in London

For cycling enthusiasts, you always want an extra bike (N+1 bike) for various reasons. Are you considering purchasing your N+1 bike this year? Many people residing in London live in flats with limited space. If this is the case for you, choosing your N+1 bike is the easy and fun part, but then you have the problem of finding space to store it.

Of course, there are many wonderful bicycle storage solutions to enable you to squeeze extra space from your place. Cycling Weekly has just published an interesting article, listing the best bike storage solutions for 2019, introducing innovation bicycle hooks, racks, and sheds.

However, if you will really struggle to squeeze extra inches out of your living space to make room for your N+1 bike, never fear, as there are other alternatives for you.

Honor Cycles - Store Your Complete Bike in a Professional Workshop

Our workshop is located in a huge brewery warehouse, so we have plenty of space to offer bicycle storage to our customers. For a monthly fee of just £14.90 or annual fee at £99, you can store your bike with us. When you need to use your N+1 bike, simply book a delivery slot the day before, so we can then deliver the bike back to you for a small delivery fee of £9.90. We will collect and store your bike fully assembled, so you do not need to deal with the hassle of disassembling your bike and packing it into a box. We can also offer you a proper service before we send the bike back to you. We think our solution is quite neat, but of course, you will be the judge.

Self Storage

A self-storage provider is probably the first solution that springs to mind when considering bicycle storage. You can probably get a 10 square feet unit to store your bike in a place like Big Yellow Storage. The benefit of getting a self-storage unit is that you can store other stuff that you do not need on a daily basis, to make the most of the hired space. You'll also have access to space anytime you need. The down-side is that it is not the cheapest solution out there. For a 10 sq ft in East London, it will cost you £16 a week. Many self-storage units are in locations that are not easy to get to.

LoveSpace (On-demand Storage Company)

An exciting London-based startup, LoveSpace is providing a much more convenient alternative to self-storage units. At LoveSpace, you do not need to rent a unit yourself; they just charge you a storage fee per box/item. They can also come to collect the item from you and deliver it back to you when you need it. This is definitely a much more convenient solution for busy Londoners.

LoveSpace does allow you to store a bike. However, you will need to pack your bike into a box first, which will cost you £16.50. The monthly storage fee is £24.20. If you store the bike for a year, the storage fee will go down to £8.85, which is a very compelling price.

Council Shelter from CycleHoops

One of the cheapest and most convenient solutions is probably to rent space from your local bicycle hanger. Most of the councils in London are offering them, and the service provider behind this wonderful scheme is "CycleHoops". On CycleHoops' website, there is an interactive map which displays the locations of the hangers across London. You can easily search to find if there's one close to you, and check space availability. If there is space available, you can just click, and the website will redirect you to your local council page for you to apply.

Unfortunately, due to its super high demand, many hangers are full already. If you are lucky enough to see a space close to you, grab one now!

H2 in Soho

f you need your N+1 bike frequently, you can consider H2. H2 offer bicycle parking in central Soho, and it is also a gym. If you use their bicycle parking, you can also use their shower facility. They charge a monthly fee starting from £49 a month. If you work in Soho/WestEnd, this could be a useful solution for you.

When choosing a storage space for your N+1 bike, it's important to consider three key factors: cost, security and convenience, in order to find the best home for your beloved bike. It’s not wise to only consider the cost to the detriment of security and convenience, as this will bring you a lot of hassles. Once you are clear on your priority of those three factors, it will be much easier for you to find a suitable storage space for your bike.

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