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Introducing Our Bike Service Cost Estimation Tool

A more honest, transparent way to price bike repairs

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That feeling of going to a bike shop and not knowing how much they’re going to charge you this time is beyond frustrating. We know.

At Honor Cycles, we believe that technology can – and should - deliver a better service experience. That’s why we’ve decided to do away with the traditional brick-and-mortar bike storefront entirely. Instead, we’ve replaced it with a quick, easy-to-use online booking system, custom-built by cyclists, for cyclists.

Unlike most bike shops, you don’t actually need to come to our shop to mend your bike - we’ll come to you. To save you the unwarranted back-and-forth trips, our van will simply pick up your bike, and deliver it back once it's fixed.

Wasting your time at bike shops is only half the problem, though. More importantly, we also think that the entire servicing pricelist should be readily available, honest and fully transparent, something that our industry has struggled with for far too long.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our custom-made service cost estimation tool, designed to help cyclists understand exactly how much and what they’re paying for.

Cost estimation widget: How it works

Step 1: Choose what type of bike you have

Step 2: Tell us what type of service you need

Depending on your bike’s specific needs, you can choose between our Standard and Custom Service.

Our Standard bike service includes 3 repair packages you can choose from - Honor Safe, Honor Care and Honor Pro package. You can see a detailed comparison chart of all three packages here.

Once you select your service package, our widget will highlight the parts of your bike that we‘ll be working on, outline the job details, and give you a cost estimate of both labor and bike parts.

For Custom Services, you’re free to mix it up.

First, choose which part of your bike needs repair, and our widget will list the most common issues related to that bike part. Simply select your issue from the list, and click Add to Quote.

You can then choose more repair items our continue to checkout. Once again, our widget will display the total labor and parts cost estimation for your bike.

Step 3: Scheduling

Once you’ve selected your repairs, choose a time for us to collect your bicycle.

Our standard collection is £5.99, but free if your total service costs exceed £29.99. Similarly, our one-hour premium collection service is £10.99, but only £5 when your repairs come out to more than £29.99.

After we collect your bike, our mechanic will carry out a thorough inspection before doing any repairs. If the final repair bill goes beyond our initial estimate, we’ll give you a call first, explain the issues based on our inspection and ask for your approval to proceed with the job.

Try our service cost estimation tool!

Want to give our cost estimation widget a go? Start here! If you have any questions or doubts, you’re always welcome to get in touch with us via email or phone.

Hopefully, this means finally bidding farewell to those nasty surprise repair bills. Once and for all.

Comments, feedback? Let us know below!

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