• Bicycle Care Plans

    All of your bike's servicing needs, hassle free from only £6.30/month!

  • Proactive Care

    Best treatment for your bike

    As your regular mechanics we can keep track of your service history and the frequency of your component's wear & tear. This way we can be proactive in keeping your bike running smoothly so you can enjoy your ride as it was intended with minimal down time.


    Fantastic Value

    Servicing Bundled with Huge Savings

    Our bundles offer generous savings and include monthly options for every budget. For added convenience, our signature collection & return services are included so that you can have your bike collected from home or work free of charge.

    All year round

    Your Smooth Ride is Our Priority

    With our bicycle care plans, you don’t need to think twice about servicing. With regular services included and all extra repairs discounted, our goal is to provide you with smooth cycling all year round so you can trust us with your bike's care for the next 365 days.

  • Let's find the right plan for you

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    Spread the cost of your bike's services over the course of the year.

    Easier to budget and great value, perfect for the cycle commuter!

    Yearly care plan billing cycle

    Pay 10 months up front and get 2 months free!

    This is the ultimate in cost effective cycle maintenance.

    One big chain ring at the front, a small one at the rear, simple

    The simple and fun way to get around town...until you reach a hill 💪

    already selected :)

    Mechanical shifting and braking is here to stay. This includes cable disc brakes

    If you're pushing fluids or electrons to make your bike do things, it belongs here.

    The new wave of cycling - Hydraulic brakes, electronic shifting systems, and e-bikes.

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    * See what our services include and the cost of our other repairs here

    ** we operate a fair usage policy on the Ultimate plan, see the full details here


    You can cancel anytime, we will only charge you for the services you've used. See our full terms here

  • Want to try before you buy? No problem!

    You can enjoy our services on a Pay-As-You-Go basis

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