• Mechanic Classes

      Get to know your bike better and become a mechanicals master!

    • These are not your usual classes

      We aim to give you real insights into the workings of your bike, this is why we avoid the generic "fix your bike" style classes and instead focus on specific areas where we can teach you the theory behind why things work before delving into how to troubleshoot, and then repair.

      Learn from the best

      Classes are held by our lead mechanics

      Our Lead mechanics don't just know how to repair bikes, they understand the underlying fundamentals of how they work. From metallurgy to electronics, we delve deep.

      Focused on your bike

      Each class only has 4 spaces

      Our classes are not the usual generic sort. We understand just how different bikes can be, so we keep things focused and intimate so that classes can benefit you the most

      3 Classes per week

      Regular classes to suit your diary

      Each week is focused on a specific area. We hold our "Connoisseur" classes on weekdays from 6:30pm, and our more advanced "Master" classes on Saturdays from 2:30pm.

    • The Connoisseur Classes

      For beginners and enthusiasts, we'll cover all you need to know to confidently tackle your bike's problems.

      2 hours, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm


      Rim or disc, cable operated or hydraulic.

      Controlled and smooth negative acceleration is as important as positive acceleration. We'll cover: Rim & Disc brake theory, Caliper calibration, warped Rotors, pad alignment, squealing brakes, contaminated pads....basically everything but bleeding.


      derailleurs or hub gears, chain or belt

      Being able to shift gears efficiently and put down power without the chain skipping is key to a good ride. We'll cover: Drivetrain theory, Chain & cassette wear evaluation / replacement, gear tuning.


      Shimano or Sream, cable or electric

      Power & Performance is nothing without control. There is no ones size-fits-all solution to bike handling, some like it nimble, some like it stable. We'll cover: Control, fit and feel theory, Bar taping, STI fit, Handlebar fit, Stem fit, Saddle fit.


      Tubes or tubeless, spoked or solid

      The only link between you and the ground, so it's important to know how to not lose your grip. We'll cover: Tire & Wheel theory, Tire inspection, Puncture repairs, Rim taping, Basic wheel truing.

    • The Master Classes

      For the experienced tinkerer and those who have completed the Connoisseur classes, these classes are intensive

      3 hours, Saturdays at 2:30pm


      Shimano, SRAM, Hope, Magura

      Like normal brakes, but completely different. Having attended the Brake Connoisseur class is highly recommended before doing this. We'll cover: Hydraulic brake theory, Brake bleeding, Hose cutting & fitting, Caliper calibration.


      derailleurs or hub gears, chain or belt

      Going beyond the basics covered in the Drivetrain Connoisseur class to understand that gears are only a small part of a smooth drivetrain. We'll cover: Advanced drivetrain theory, BB replacement (Pressfit or otherwise), Frame alignment, Derailleur de-gunking, and Chain & Cassette de-greasing.


      Shimano or Sream, cable or electric

      Having attended the Controls Connoisseur class and being confident with bar taping is essential. We'll cover: Advanced Control, fit and feel theory, Fork fit, Headset fit, Cable inner & outer fit, STI fit, Handlebar fit, Stem fit, Saddle fit.


      Tubeless wheel only, spoked or solid

      The next level of tire complexity? Removing the tubes of course! Having attended the Wheel Connoisseur class is not essential, but you do need to know how to do a basic puncture repair yourself. We'll cover: Advanced Tire & Wheel theory, Tubeless rim conversion, Tubeless tire fitting, Spoke replacement, Basic wheel truing.

    • Have the skills but don't have the time to do it yourself?

      Even our mechanics sometimes ask others to fix their bike for them when they're short on time.

      Keeping your saddle down-time to a minimum is the most important thing at the end of the day! 

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