• Hassle-Free Bicycle Care for Your Workspace

      No more lunch break trips to the bicycle shop. No more bike-less workdays.

      With our same-day collection & delivery service, your employees can get their bikes fixed without leaving the office.

    • Tune-up Your Bottom Line!

      Happy Cyclists = Productive Employees

      Regular Maintenance & Emergency Support

      Cycling is an increasingly popular and arguably the best way to commute. Research shows that employees who cycle are both happier and more productive at work.


      The government's cycle-to-work scheme is a great first step towards a healthy commute for your employees. However, proper bike maintenance and regular safety checks are just as important as getting people on bikes.


      To keep them safe, Honor Cycles offers regular corporate bike servicing for your cycling employees, keeping their bikes in prime condition through the wear and tear. When their bike breaks down, we provide same-day collection, repair & delivery. That way, your employees will never have to go bike-less again.


      Quote & Book your Service

      Easily select your bike type & the nature of your repairs. We offer 3 standard service packages, but you're free to create your own.

      We Collect from your Office

      Then, we'll get to work ASAP. If your bicycle repairs go above the quoted amount, we'll be in touch to confirm what you'd like to do.

      Your Bike, Fixed & Returned

      When done, we'll email you the bill and a video from your mechanic. After the payment you can book your two-wheeler's return home!

      Our Workspace Bicycle Care Offers

      Same-Day Repair Passes

      10 Passes for £99 (£199 Value)

      With same-day repair passes, we make your employees' bike our #1 priority. We collect the bikes in the morning and return them in the late afternoon. No hour-long queues or bike-less commutes.

      Company-Subsidised Bicycle Servicing

      Cover 30%-100% of Your Employee's Annual Service

      More and more companies work with us to provide regular bike maintenance for their employees. In that case, we typically offer annual bike servicing in the spring and/or late autumn - perfect times for London cyclists. Based on your budget, you can choose to subsidise our bike services fully or in part.

    • Bring Honor Cycles Services to Your Office TODAY!


      Want to join other organisations in the cycling revolution & empower your employees?

      Let's have a chat and see how we can work together to help your workers cycle safely.


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