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  • Joyful and Safe Rides for Your Employees

    The Missing Piece of the Cycle-to-Work Scheme

    Regular Maintenance & Safety Checks


    The government's cycle-to-work scheme is a great first step to getting you and your employees enjoying the benefits of a healthy commute. However, maintaining the bikes to a safe standard is as important as buying the bikes.


    Most cyclists are not aware of the condition of their bicycles. Waiting until the bike breaks down (usually mid-ride, often dangerously) before thinking about servicing.


    Honor Cycles want to work with you, offering hassle-free servicing and repair to your employees. Allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a quick and healthy commute to work, safe in the knowledge that their bike will not fail them.

  • The Finest Bicycle Care for Your Workspace

    Based on your needs & budget, we will work with you to design bespoke service package

    for your employees to ensure they enjoy happy and safe commute rides.

    Bicycle Repair Days

    Regular checkups & repairs at your workspace


    • We organise a monthly or quarterly Bicycle Repair Day at your office
    • We cover regular safety check and servicing for your employees. 
    • We also work on any requested repair jobs from the cyclists
    We design the Bicycle Repair Day with you based on the size of your company, the needs of your employees and your budget. Each repair day is as unique as the company it serves.

    On-demand Repairs

    Bicycle Servicing and Repairs on Request


    • We repair bikes on-site at your office once requested by your employees.
    • The turn-around time from booking to the repair being done is a quick 12-24 hours.
    • We only charge small call-out fee on top of the repair service charge.
    You can decide whether you want to fully/partially subsidise our service for your employees or simply introduce the Honor Cycles service to your workspace.

    Our Fee: Starting from FREE for the company


    Our fees are completely transparent and comparable to normal high-street bike shops. As the client company you have full control over how much you want to subsidise your employee's bicycle servicing.


    From 0% to 100%, and all imaginable fractions in between.


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