Don't let the name fool you, this package will keep your bike running at minimal cost

    • Single Geared Bike

      Geared Bike

      Special Bike




      (per month/per bike)

      • £0 Joining Fee
      • One Standard Service              (value £79.90)
      • Unlimited FREE Collection/Return
      • 20% Labour discount




      (per month/per bike)

      • £0 Joining Fee
      • TWO Standard Services              (value £159.90)
      • Unlimited FREE Collection/Return
      • 50% Labour discount



      (per month/per bike)

      • £0 Joining Fee
      • TWO Advanced Services              (value £159.90)
      • Unlimited FREE Collection/Return
      • 100% Labour discount


    • Not ready for our bike care plans?
      Not a problem. Try our service now with our Access Plan

      One Time £4.90 Joining Fee

      One FREE Collection & Return (value £9.90)

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      Memberships have a 12 month period starting from the date of first payment.

      Memberships are linked to individual bikes and cannot be transferred from one bike to another.


      By clicking the subscribe button you agree to our membership terms and conditions. You can see the document as well as cancellation terms here: Honor Cycles Terms & Conditions

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