• Bicycle Safety check for Your cyclist employees

    We team up with ZEN to bring subsidised safety check to your office

  • Joyful and Safe Rides for Your Employees

    We Offer You the Hassle-free Way to Make Sure Your Employees Cycle Safely 

    Regular Safety Checks Can Make a Big Difference

    Most cyclists are not aware of the condition of their bicycles. Waiting until the bike breaks down (usually mid-ride, often dangerously) before thinking about servicing.


    Honor Cycles want to work with you, offering hassle-free servicing and repair to your employees. Allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a quick and healthy commute to work, safe in the knowledge that their bike will not fail them.

  • Honor Cycles Bring Regular Bicycle Safety Check To Your Office

    Subsidised by Z.E.N., Honor Cycles Offers Bicycle Safety Check to ZEN companies

    The Zero Emissions Network (ZEN) is an air quality initiative supported by Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington councils. ZEN is set up to help businesses save money, reduce emissions and improve air quality by making changes in transport and building use and adopting more sustainable business practices.


    The mission behind the Zero Emission Network is closely aligned with our own. When we heard about the ZEN initiative, we immediately got in touch to discuss how we can make a bigger impact, together.

    As a business, if you are based in Hackney, Islington or Tower Hamlets Council, you can be part of ZEN and join all the ZEN perks, including our office safety check visit, a.k.a Dr. Bike.

  • How It Works

    The upgraded "Dr.Bike" services with Honor Cycles

    Professional Mechanics Visit Your Office

    At the agreed time, our professional mechanics will visit your office with basic repair tools. We then will check all your cyclists' bikes.



    Safety Check & Minor Repairs on the Spot

    We offer safety check & minor repairs (Dr. Bike Service) at your office. We will inform you the health status of your bike and give you suggestions.


    If further services required, you can take your bike to your local bike shop with our suggestions, or let us serve you.

    Collection/Delivery for Further Repairs

    For the bikes needing our services, we will come collect the bikes the next day. We then conduct further repair or service at our workshop. We will then send the bikes back to your office.


    As ZEN members, you will get 10% off your repairs and 15% off servicing. 

    * ZEN's subsidy only cover labour, not parts. The further services from Honor Cycles are not subsidised by ZEN

  • Are you the next office for our mechanic visit?

    We have served major co-working spaces and startups in London. Are you the next?


  • get subsidised Office Bike safety check now

    Submit the form to join ZEN and get your bicycle safety check visit

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