• We're on a bit of a mission.

      Cycling is a positive thing, so it only makes sense that we be a positive force.

    • High 5

      5% labour donated for communities in need

      We cherish the opportunity to serve you and your bike and we return your support back to the society.


      For every service we do, we donate 5% of its time to communities in need. We continuously work with local councils and not-for-profit organisations to recycle and repair bikes for people who really need it. We strongly believe that cycling is something everyone should have access to regardless of background.


      We will regularly share our High 5 stories on our blog. If you have any ideas how our mechanics' 5% donated time can be well spent, please email us your ideas as well. 🚲 🚲 ❤️ ❤️

    • Making the world better for cycling

      Doing good is not just about giving back

      We are Green

      Biodegradable & non petroleum

      The oils, rags, de-greasers & vehicles we use are as environmental as we can make them. We do our best to ensure that the only impact we have on the environment is positive by keeping our customers on their bikes and out of cars

      We Source Ethically

      No child labour, no sweatshops

      Taiwan is the heart of the cycle industry and produces some of the very best quality components. As a democracy that adheres to the human rights charter, we are proud to support their industry

      We Pay Properly

      Living wage should be law, not a guide

      The service industry is full of horror stories of people working 50 hour weeks for £6/hr with no paid holidays. Not us, we always pay our staff living wages and give our staff paid holidays :)

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