• The Best Cycling Routes in (and around) London: Our 2019 List

      Road, trail, and everything in between.

    • A better way to explore the capital 🚴

      We created this list to help our fellow Londoners find new and unique ways to enjoy the city and its surroundings.


      We wanted to include something for everyone - from noiseless lanes for beginner cyclists, to veteran climbs, and even a few off-road tracks for MTB enthusiasts.


      For each route, we kept it short, sweet and packed with relevant info.


      Here’s what the list includes:

      • 30+ new and popular bike routes in and around London (with more coming soon) ✔️
      • Cycling paths of all lengths & difficulty levels ✔️
      • To-the-point summaries, with must-see landmarks, pub suggestions and more ✔️
      • Google Maps for each route ✔️
      • Downloadable as an Ebook ✔️

      In other words, whether you want to discover London's historic towpaths, bike through tree-lined royal parks, or escape to the open countryside for a day (or three) - our list of cycle routes should have you covered.

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      Cycle Route Index

      To make it easy to read and navigate, we divided the list into 3 pages based on route length:

    • Short Bike Rides


      Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace

      Distance: 6Km

      Type: Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: ~30 minutes

      London’s very own ‘countryside’ trail

      The capitol’s longest local nature reserve, ‘Parkland Walk’ traces the historic railway bed between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. With its sumptuous wildlife and some magnificent views of North London, the tree-lined trail is perfect for anyone who’d like to step away from the city madness - without leaving the city. Off-road tires recommended, but not essential.

      Olympic Park & Whitechapel loop

      Distance: 21Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      History on wheels

      Add a nice touch of history to your city ride, as you traverse both the oldest canal (Limehouse Cut) and the oldest public park (Victoria) in London. Conveniently enough, both also double as a hotbed for all sorts of wildlife; with a bit of luck, you could come across anything from swans, ducks and cormorans to noisy moorhens and rummaging deer. It’s not exactly safari, but beats most London journeys by a mile!

      Richmond & Putney Parks loop

      Distance: 22Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Calling all nature (and beer) enthusiasts

      Exploring the scenic gems of Putney Heath, Wimbledon Common and Richmond park, this gratifying nature trail accommodates cyclists of all skill levels. From Putney’s abundant woodlands to rolling dirt trails and resident deer of Richmond Park, and several solid pubs in between, there’s something for everyone!

      Greenwich & Cator Park loop

      Distance: 22Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Open spaces and quiet places

      Follow the popular ‘Waterlink Way’ (part of the National Cycle Network) from Cator Park to Greenwich, through a medley of noiseless lanes and traffic-free paths along the River Ravensbourne. While at Greenwich, treat yourself to arguably the best views of London from the park’s vantage points, or recharge at the recently refurbished Pavilion Cafe.

      Richmond to Weybridge

      Distance: 25Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Traffic? What traffic?

      Trade the rush hour gridlock for this colorful river-bound trail, which traces the Thames Path ‘till the very end. Pass the famed Hampton Court Palace (or make a day out of it!), then head on down the quiet streets and beginner-friendly slopes to the historic town of Weybridge in Surrey.

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      Olympic Park & Canary Wharf loop

      Distance: 26Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Athletes, Pilots and Bankers

      Take a leisurely ride along a medley of mix-use roads and tracks. See the Olympic stadium, City airport, Thames riverside, pillars of finance, and even Britain’s only floating towpath (it’s cooler than it sounds, I promise!). Then finish it off with some lovely coffee and cake at the popular View Tube cafe.

      Tower Bridge & Forest Hill loop

      Distance: 30Km

      Type: Road

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Come for the sights, stay for the giant walrus

      Chart the Thames from the Tower Bridge all the way to Greenwich Park, before heading south towards Forest Hill. True to its name, the artsy district features some of London’s steepest roads, making this a fairly challenging ride for its length. If you’ve never been, a visit to the local Horniman Museum is a must, with panoramic views of Central London and the city’s biggest (and only?) taxidermy walrus!

      Putney Village & Hampton Court loop

      Distance: 30Km

      Type: Road

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 1~2 hours

      Not out of the woods yet!

      Encircling not one, but two royal parks (plus the charming woodlands of Ham Common), this route is green through and through. Shadow the main pathways of Richmond Park, then follow the (virtually traffic-free) riverside trail to Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park, renowned for its gardens and roaming deer herds!

      Olympic Park & Hooksmarsh loop

      Distance: 49Km

      Type: Road & Trail

      Difficulty: Easy

      Duration: 3~4 hours

      Where the wild things are

      Discover the vibrant wildlife of a 10000-acre long Lee Valley Regional Park, as you navigate the towpaths of River Lee through parks, infinite marshes and nearby islands. Head on back once you’ve hit Hooks Marsh, or stick around and join the local otter discovery trail!

      Greenwich & North Downs loop

      Distance: 50Km

      Type: Road

      Difficulty: Hard

      Duration: 3~4 hours

      Here’s where things get a bit tricky...

      Fancy a challenge but find yourself short on time? This hilly route to rural Kent and back can be done in a couple of hours and will put your hamstrings to the test, but shies away from the area’s more demanding climbs. And if you do get tired, why not stop by the old home of Charles Darwin in Downe - it’s on the way!

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