• Honor membership Plans

    designed for regular cyclists

  • Manage All Your Bike Servicing Needs, Hassle Free

    Riding a bike regularly is rewarding in many ways, but not when it comes to servicing.

    The more you ride, the more servicing you need to keep our bikes smooth & safe. Sadly, this also means you waste more time taking your bike to shops and facing the uncertinty of how much you will be charged.


    We are pioneering an easy and cost efficient way to keep regular cyclists's bikes in prime condition.

    Proactive Care

    Best treatment for your bike

    Since we are taking care of your care for the long haul, we can start to track your service history with great accuracy, and even predict the frequency of your part wear. Our care for your bike goes far beyond that one-off repair. We can provide you the proactive care that you and your bike deserve.


    Unbeatable Value

    Servicing Bundled with Huge Savings

    Cyclists all like riding a mechanically perfect steed. That is why we've designed the membership plans to provide tailored levels of care. Our bundles offer generous savings and come with monthly options to help your budget. Our signature collection & delivery service is included as well, true convenience.

    Common Interest

    Your Smooth Ride is Our Priority

    With the membership plan, you do not need to think twice about servicing. All the regular services are included and extra services are heavily discounted. We do not profit from your extra repairs. Our goal is simply to give you smooth rides all year round so that you will stay with us the next year.

  • find the right membership plan for your bike

    No matter how often you ride and what type of bike you have, we have a membership plan for you.

    You can also choose to pay it annually or monthly for 12 months.


    Best suited to the regular cyclist who rides frequently, but likes to takes it easy.


    The commuter's choice. Rain or shine, nothing will stop you getting to work!


    For the fast & fastidious who want to take the sting out of very regular maintenance.

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