• Professional bicycle resale

    Cleaned, serviced, photographed and sold!

  • Moving on to the next bike

    If you're not riding it, we'll find someone who will, and you'll get cash to buy a bike you do want to ride!

    Your bike at its best

    Pro cleaning, servicing, and photography

    Our mechanics will give your bike a thorough inspection, performing any necessary repairs, and a full wash to iron out any wrinkles and get it looking good as new. We'll then take professional photos to really show it off and attract the highest bids.

    Sold Internationally

    The best exposure for the highest return

    Your bike will be made available to international bidders to guarantee the largest audience, and hence the highest bids. We'll deal with all of the buyers questions and logistics, you just have to worry about what your next bike will be!

    Simple 80+10 fee

    £80 up front, then 10% of the sale

    We charge an £80 up front fee for the collection, cleaning, photography, and selling of your bike. Then, just 10% of the sale value after shipping and platform fees. In case your bike needs repairs, we'll recover those costs from the sale value. £80 is all you'll ever pay.

  • How It Works

    After some initial questions from us, you can forget about the sale till the money comes in



    Fill out the form below so we can evaluate your bike and get back to you with an estimated sale value. If you're happy to go ahead we'll get you booked in.



    We'll collect your bike from your home or office, and get to work on it. We'll be in touch to get your go-ahead if it needs any repairs before selling.



    Once your bike is good to go we'll post it online and send you the links to where it is being hosted, in case you want to share it with your network.



    After the buyer has confirmed they have received the bike and are happy with it, we'll release the net sale funds to you minus our 10% fee.

  • Liquidate that asset!

    click the button below to start selling your bike

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