• Ultimate Bicycle Travel Experience

    We will service and box your bike for your flight or shipping so you can focus on your ride.

  • Ride your bike anywhere, as it was meant to

    Exploring the world on your bike is exciting, but boxing up your bike can be a pain. You could rent a bike whilst abroad, but it wouldn't be the same. Let us take the strain. We'll collect your bike from your home, then we'll box it with a rented travel bike box, and we can even deliver it to your final destination, serviced and running like new.

    Explore over 30 Countries

    Iconic routes within reach

    United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, and Down Under are within your cycling reach now! Thanks to our shipping partner, SHERPR. We've got most of the cycling destinations covered.

    No box required

    We've got everything you need

    You're welcome to supply your own box if you own one, but it is not necessary, as we can supply one with all of the necessary packing materials for shipping. We can also lend you one of our premium bicycle boxes if you prefer to travel with your bike.

    Bike insured

    Just in case the worst happens

    We include standard insurance for your bike in the shipping fees. So not only can you travel with your bike hassle free, but worry free too!


    Sorry, insurance is also for shipping option.

  • How It Works

    You pack your bags, we'll pack the bike


    Book your trip

    Fill out the form to let us know where you'd like your bike sent to and book a collection date


    Bike Collection

    We collect your bike from your home or office, no need to box it or even turn the bars.


    Boxing & Service

    We'll perform any service or repairs requested, and get your bike boxed securely for shipping or transport.


    Shipping/Box Rental

    Our transport partner SHERPR will ship your bike to your requested hotel or private address. Alternatively, you can rent our travel bike box and travel with your bike instead.

  • Bike Transport Service Option Comparison

    See how we save all the hassles for you and take your bike to your ride destination

  • Pricing - Bike Shipping

    Option 1: Smart Hassle-Free Shipping

    Bike Boxing Service + Bike Box + Shipping + Insurance


    £129 (One way)/ £199 (Return)


    UK/ EU Zone 1:

    £149 (One way)/ £249 (Return)


    EU Zone 2:

    £169 (One way)/ £279 (Return)



    Ask for quotation

    Option 2: VIP Bike Care Shipping

    Everything + Pre/Post Ride Bicycle Servicing


    £179 (One way)/ £249 (Return)


    UK/EU Zone 1:

    £199 (One way)/ £299 (Return)


    EU Zone 2:

    £219 (One way)/ £329 (Return)



    Ask for quotation

    * Bicycle shipping is delivered by SHERPR and their delivery partners, NOT Honor Cycles *

    * Pre/Post Ride Bicycle Servicing includes our Standard Service package. It does not include parts or additional labour




    UK/EU Zone 1 Countries: Scottish Highlands/Ireland/N.Ireland/Holland/Belgium/Luxembourg/France/Germany/Spain /Portugal/Austria/Italy/Denmark/Finland/Sweden


    EU Zone 2 Countries: San Morino/ Norway/ Jersey/ Guernsey/ Andorra/ Liechtenstein/Hungary/ Poland/ Slovenia/ Czech Republic/ Latvia/ Lithuania/ Romania/ Estonia/ Bulgaria/ Croatia/ Greece/ Slovak Republic


    XL Bike Charge: £25 one way/£50 return

    For bikes we cannot fit in our standard bike box, there will be an extra charge. This fee applies to customers who use their own bike boxes without our dimension requirement.


    Insurance: Our standard insurance covers bike value of £500.

  • Pricing - Travel Bicycle Box Rental & Servicing

    We use SHERPR's Pro Bike Box, which will fit all standard road bikes smaller than 58 cm frame with 700c wheels. You can see the details of the box, specs and other information here.

    Option 1: Smart Bicycle Traveller

    Pre-ride Bike Boxing Service

    Post-ride Bike Assembly

    4 days of Bike Box Rental






    (£5 per day after day 4)




    Option 2: VIP Bicycle Traveller

    Everything +

    Pre/Post Ride Bicycle Servicing







    (£5 per day after day 4)




  • Go ride into that dreamy sunset!

    Contact us if you have any questions or need any help!

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