Wheels £5.90 Puncture repair (replacing the inner tube) or fitting a new tire
£9.90 Fitting tubeless tire (tubeless kit / fluid not included)
£15.90 Wheel truing
Front hubs & SS rear hubs service
Replacing freewheel body
Fitting tubular "tub" tire
£24.90 Spoke replacement & wheel true
Rear hub & freehub service
Dynamo hub service
£ ask Complete wheel build
Drivetrain £9.90 Fitting a new gear cable (inner & outer)
Fitting a new chain (gear tuning not included)
Fitting a new casette or freewheel (gear tuning not included)
£15.90 Gear tuning & setup
Fitting a new theaded Bottom bracket (non press-fit types)
Fitting new crankset
Fitting new derailleur / mech hanger (gear tuning not included)
£24.90 Hub-gear / gearbox set up & alignment
Fitting a new STI shifter (does not include bar taping)
Fitting a new Tri-bar shifter (does not include bar taping)
Fitting a new Flat-bar shifter
Fitting press-fit type BB
Pedal strip & service
Drivetrain clean, degrease and re-lube
Fitting electronic cable loom & battery
£ ask Hub gear service
In-frame gearbox service
£5.90 Brake balancing & tensioning (cable rim brakes only)
£9.90 Brake caliper service & pad fitting
Fitting a new brake cable (inner & outer)
Fitting, balancing & tensioning a new brake caliper
Disc rotor straightening
£24.90 Drum brake service
Brakes (Hydraulic) £9.90 Disc rotor straightening
£15.90 Hydraulic hose fitting (does not include bleeding)
£24.90 Hydraulic brake bleed (inc. pad re-conditioning / replacement)
Controls £5.90 Fitting new grips
£9.90 Fitting new bar tape
Fitting new "finishing" parts (saddle, seatpost, stem, pedals ...)
Cutting down Alloy steerer tube / bars / seat post
£15.90 Headset servicing
Fitting new flat bars (MTB, city, dutch)
Headset removal & headtube prepping
Cutting down Carbon steerer tube / bars / seat post
£24.90 Fitting new road handle bars (Drop, Bull, Tri)
Fitting a new headset (inc. old headset removal)
Fitting a new fork (inc brake setup)
Suspension service (removal of forks / shock and shipping to the manufacturer's service centre)
Accessories £5.90 Fitting small cycle accesories (locks, lights, phone/camera mounts)
£9.90 Fitting & set-up of a cycle computer
£15.90 Fitting mudguards
Fitting a rack or a basket
Frame £9.90 Bending derailleur hanger back (Steel and Titanium frames only)
£24.90 Headtube & BB shell facing
BB threads tapping
£ ask Removing siezed components (cranks, seatposts, etc...)
Special £24.90 Online purchase bike assembly
2nd hand bike assembly & evaluation
Bike quick-clean and polish
£ ask Custom bicycle build
Full bicycle wash
& Delivery
£9.90 Next-Day 24hr service
(Free when spending more than £29.90 Labour)
£19.90 Same-Day Express 8hr service
(£9.90 when spending more than £29.90 Labour)