• Bicycle Storage with Flexibility and Care

    Too many bikes, not enough space?

    (there is no such thing as too many bikes!)

  • Bicycle storage for your n+1 needs

    We'll store your bike in our secure workshop and deliver it back to you ready to race whenever you need it!

    No Contract

    £14.90 per Month. Cancel Anytime

    We simply charge you on a monthly basis per storage unit. The unit is not tied to any one bike, so you can switch out your summer bike for your winter bike and vice versa without fuss. Cancel it anytime, no obligation!

    Next Day Delivery

    £9.90 Next Day Delivery On-Demand

    Need your bike for the weekend? Book it anytime you like, and we will deliver your bike back to you for only £9.90. Once you're done, you can book a FREE collection to put it back into storage with us.

    Return with a Service

    10% off Pre-Delivery Service

    Need your bike for a big ride? No worries, you can even book a service with us before we deliver your bike. We'll even give you 10% off the service labour, how's that for convenient?!

  • How It Works

    Simple Bike Storage Designed for You


    Get a Space

    Subscribe to our £14.90 monthly storage plan and book your bike's collection date. Collection is free!


    Bike Collection

    We collect your bike from your home or office for FREE and store it in our secure London workshop


    Secure Storage

    We'll keep an eye on your bike while you don't need it. You'll also benefit from 10% off services :)


    Bike Delivery

    You can request a bike delivery every time when you need your bike at only £9.90 per delivery

  • Pricing

    Storage Unit

    £14.90 per Month


    ONLY £129.90 Per Year

    ( save up to 27%)

    Bike Delivery


    £9.90 per Delivery

  • Get More Space & Keep Your Bikes

    Let us to take care of your bike when you don't need it

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